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Work with a specialized real estate agent who focuses on mobile park sales, assessments and purchases. Experienced in supporting customers with:

Finding a Lending Financial Institution

Increasing Value of a Park

Cash Flow & Wealth Building

Navigating City Services

Septic & Park Provided Water


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Financing guidance, amenities support and experienced assessments of value.


Community of qualified buyers ranging into the $15 million price point. Competitive commission.


Assess the factors that affect park value, honest market value, and support for increasing value.


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Garth Dagg

Founder | RE/MAX Associate 

Garth Dagg is passionate about creating wealth building solutions for those who are looking to invest in real-estate.


He has specialized his real-estate career through bootcamps, ongoing education and industry networking to be Alberta’s expert in Mobile Park ownership and selling.


Dagg has been the owner of a Mobile Park for 15 years, he offers both personal and professional insights to his clients about what to expect when investing in mobile parks.

Market Value Assessments

If you are currently a mobile park owner, you might be wondering what your park is worth.

We offer Market Value Assessments to help owners get a better idea of what they need to do to maximize their return when it’s time to sell.


Connect with us today and let’s talk about assessing your mobile home park.

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